Registration with a foreing diploma from outside the EEA and Switzerland

If you obtained your qualification as a veterinarian outside the EEA or Switzerland or if you are a paraveterinary professional (veterinary technician of veterinary nurse) , animal physiotherapist or a embryo transfer professional, you do not qualify for registration by automatic recognition. The Register of Veterinary Medical Practitioners will first assess whether your level of training, possibly in combination with relevant work experience, is equivalent to that of the qualification obtained in the Netherlands (statement of professional competence).

Last updated on the 14th of June 2021

In this section you will find information about the procedure for applying for your registration as a para-veterinarian or a veterinarian. You need several documents. Make sure you have all documents completed before you start your application. This will save you time.


Apart from the postage costs for sending the application form and the required documents, application for registration in the Register of Veterinary Medical Practitioners is free of charge.

Applying for registration

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