Prepare application

STAP 2 - Voorbereiden aanvraag 120x120

Before you start your application, it is important to arrange a number of things.

Make sure you have all the required documents

For the application, each applicant must provide various mandatory and desired documents (evidence). On this website you will find an overview (with additional explanation) of the documents to be provided. Make sure you have everything complete before you send the application. If in doubt, please contact us.

Keep in mind that requesting documents abroad can take a lot of time and money. To prevent your application from being unnecessarily delayed, we advise you to wait with applying until you have all the documents to hand. This way, the processing of your application will go faster.

If necessary, provide the correct translations of the documents

If your documents are in a language other than Dutch, English or German, you must add both the document in the original language and an original translation. The translation must be done by a sworn translator. If you send a copy of the translation, you must have it certified by the authority that issued the document or by another authority authorized to do so. You can find out which authorities these are from the authority in the country where you obtained your diploma (this could be, for example, a notary established in the country in question).