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If you intend to work as a a veterinarian, paraveterinary professional (veterinary nurse, veterinary technician), animal physiotherapist or embryo transplanters/winne in the Netherlands, you must be registered in the 'Register of Veterinary Medical Practitioners' (Diergeneeskunderegister, CIBG). The professions listed in the Register are protected titles. By registering, veterinarians show that they are authorised to practise.  The register is public. You are eligible to be registered if you meet the legally required qualifications. 

Last updated on the 30th of August 2023

Registration of veterinarians and para-veterinarians with foreign qualifications

Veterinarians and paraveterinarians who earned their qualifications abroad must satisfy the training requirements applicable in the Netherlands. Depending on the profession and the country where the qualification was earned, CIBG may recognise your qualification immediately or you may first have to request a statement of professional competence from CIBG. In the table below you find directions to the right procedure for your situation. 

Which procedure must I follow?

Profession Land of qualification Correct procedure
Veterinarians (veterinary surgeons) EEA countries or Switzerland Registration with automatic diploma recognition
Veterinarians (veterinary surgeons) Outside the EEA or Switzerland Registration with Certificate of Professional Competence
Veterinary nurse, veterinary technician All countries Registration with Certificate of Professional Competence
Animal physiotherapist All countries Registration with Certificate of Professional Competence
Embryo transfer professional All countries Registration with Certificate of Professional Competence

Authorisation specialists in embryo transfer or embryo collection

Veterinary care assistants and veterinary technicians specialised in embryo placement or embryo collection are allowed to perform less complex veterinary activities independently without supervision. However, most of their activities will take place under the supervision or guidance of a veterinarian. Animal physiotherapists may only treat animals after referral by a veterinarian.

Consulting the register

The Register of Veterinary Medical Practitioners is open to the public. For instance, suppliers of veterinary pharmaceutical products can consult the Register to determine whether targeted veterinarians and paraveterinarians are actually included.

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